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Extraordinary You | Korean Drama

Genre: Romance |Korean Series |No. of Episodes: 32 | Directed by: Moo Ryuyee | Netflix

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Plot: A teen seeks to change the fate that’s been set for her after gaining awareness that she’s just a side character in a made-up world.

Main Characters:  Eun Dan-oh, Ha-Ru, Baek Kyung, Oh Nam-ju, Yeo Joo-da

My Thoughts:

I absolutely was hesitant to start another K-Drama, because I had watched only one before this.

A lil overview about me – I used to be afraid of the series or movies or books that might make me cry. I am an emotional person and I have little threshold to hold my emotions in. So, if the gates of the dam opens, there is gonna be a flood trust me. I overcame that fear because there were a lot of good series/ movies/ books I was missing out on. And, now here I am!

Coming back to the series, I have never seen such a new concept being bought to life. I mean, this is a whole other level WOW. Having watched too many romantic movies and rom-coms but, this one was completely new. I was completely surprised. I loved the dual era / black hole / comic book concepts used in this. Coming to the characters, I loved how everyone was in school, but they were so mature.

Eun Dan-oh has a new place in my heart which can never be replaced. I loved how she always was so brave and dedicated/invested in all her relationships. She was way too kind with everyone. Even though she was wronged by Baek Kyung, she always stood by him no matter what. I loved a side character named Lee Do-hwa, I loved how funny that character was and how he used to cheer Eun Dan-oh everytime she was worried. She had a real friend in him. I rooted for him to get his love however, I am really sad for what happened in the end. Baek Kyung was a person with the personality of a d-bag. I felt bad for him because in both the era’s he lost his mother. But, he could have let it go and moved on with his life – which he did not and it bugged me a lot. He could have been a very decent character otherwise. Nam-ju and Yeo Joo-da – were hilarious and typical. I loved the way Dan-oh and Do-hwa used to make fun of them when they were “on-stage.”

Coming to Ha-Ru: My heart beats for this character. I have cried my eyes out for him. When he used to smile, I could not describe how I felt. I am obsessed with Ha-Ru and I will always look for him. He was the sweetest tough guy I have met. He was loving and also ready to fight with anyone to protect the one he loved. And, let me tell you I am really jealous of the girl he loved, I wish it was me. If I can crush on someone for the rest of my life, it will be Ha-Ru.

Let me tell you there is no single reason that I can give you to watch this series. But, I guarantee it that you will fall in love with some characters for the rest of your life. If you are new to the world of K-Drama – trust me this is the one series for you to get you anchored to this world.

If you have already watched it, lemme know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Extraordinary You | Korean Drama

  1. I like to secretly indulge in Korean dramas. I’ll have to check this out, it looks adorable! Have you seen Boys Over Flowers? It’s definitely not emotional more like.. entertaining and fun. 🤭
    Thank you!🌹

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    1. I did watch Boys over flower. It was my first Korean Series ever. And I loved it. Lee min ho is an absolute cutie! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Goodness, right? It’s such a loveable show! I also really liked Dream High if you’re interested in Korean music as well.


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