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We should all be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Genre: Non-Fiction |Written by: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie |Pages: 25 |Publication: Harper Collins.

Disclaimer: Not a review, just some personal thoughts and a book recommendation

I have been bought up in one of the world’s most conservative societies. Here, people have narrow minded opinions. But, you may ask who am I to judge them? And, I will ask you – why not? Here people confuse Woman safety with Woman rights. They feel if seats are reserved for woman in the public transport that is enough woman rights! Correct me if I am wrong – I strongly believe that this act of reservation is just because it is a matter of woman safety and not rights. It’s just like men / woman have distinguished toilets, they have demarcated seats as well.

You can always find a misogynistic person who says– “you want equal pay for equal work but you also wish for reserved coaches and seats in public transport?” Yes Sir, we do. First of all comparing these two completely different things says a lot about your tiny mind. Demanding equal pay for equal work is my right. If there are two manager (male & female) in the same firm and in the same department – people obey and respect the male manager and at the same time feel the female one is bossy and rude. We need to change these mind-set, which definitely is not happening overnight. Coming to why we need reserved seats and coaches: because we do not want to be felt up by horny uncles during our ride back home from our workplace which does not even pay us right.

We often see a male being judged on the basis of salary he gets and the type of job he does. If a man earns less than the woman he takes out on a date, he still needs to pay for what is being ordered. Let me tell you – that is annoying and should be frowned upon. If a woman earns more and wants to pamper her partner it is completely okay. Or if she splits the bill with you – you should be happy because now you get to save a lil’ to get that Sony play station you are drooling over. We still have the concept of “man of the house” and that is a way more burden than it seems like. We need to change that. And, we need to send that man of the house to a Spa. So that, they get to relax a bit from all the responsibilities they have been shouldering since eternity!

Feminists are people who believe in equality. They want the society to say that it is okay for a male to cry and be emotional because they are human too. They want whole “a girl do not sit like this”, “a man does not cry”, “a man needs to support his family” and all these old concepts to wash away from the society. A Feminist can be anyone – just because the word is similar to a certain gender does not mean only a female can be a feminist. Feminism does not exist only because we want to empower woman, it also wants the men in our society to live burden free and enjoy. They do not need to work always, they can take a break and blow off some steam while the lady can work as much as she wishes to and support her family. Feminism is a concept that brings the level of a man and woman at par – be it emotional, mental or physical well-being.


The contents in this book is the part of speech that Chimamanda Nzogi Adichie gave in her Ted Talk. She is a Nigerian who is a thorough feminist. She is truly inspiring and if you are new to the concept of feminism, you should definitely read this book to get a clear idea of the concept.

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