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Jane the Virgin | T.V. Show

Genre: Drama/Romance| Narrated by: Anthony Mendez | No. of Episodes: 171| Netflix & Amazon Prime

My Rating: 5 Star

Plot: Jane Villanueva’s life turns upside down after she gets artificially inseminated. She is in for a greater shock when she discovers that the biological donor is her boss and former crush.

Main Characters: Jane; Rafael Solano: Jane’s Boss; Petra Solano: Rafael’s Wife; Michael Cordaro: Jane’s Boyfriend; Xiomara Villanueva: Jane’s Mother; Alba Villanueva: Jane’s Grandmother; Rose: Rafael’s Step Mother.

Notable Side Characters: Luisa Alver: Rafael’s Sister; Rogelio de la Vega: Telenovella Actor; Lina: Jane’s Best Friend

On the Plot:

Okay, to be honest – this is a highly mysterious romance and writing anything will spoil it so, I am sorry for being extra superficial.

I have never seen such an amazing and unique TV show I have watched lately. I was scared about what this show will be about and that is only because the show title does not give anything up about the show. The plot revolves around drug lords, mafias, smuggling, a virgin, a sole heir to a big hotel chain, police, FBI, and most importantly Families. If you feel lost, this show and its morals will bring you back to track is all I can tell you.

The story has so many bond which if I describe will be a major spoiler. So, I will make the points and you can connect the dots later.

The story starts with Jane being manipulated by her grandmother not to lose virginity before marriage. Jane is portrayed as a humble and obedient granddaughter who is responsible and caring, while her mom, not so much! Her mom is the party animal and is always enjoying herself no matter where she is, she lives in the moment. Jane and her mother share a very understanding relationship where Jane acts like the mother and Xiomara acts like the daughter. But, no matter what the situation is these three ladies stuck by each other forever.

This is a very trope-y show and it is hard to keep up to it if you phase it out, So, I would suggest you to glue to the show till the very end, trust me – it is absolutely worth it!


I Love Rafael Solano – let me be very clear, I ship him with Jane and only Jane no matter what. His charisma and enthusiasm and caring nature swept me off my feet. He is one loving and self-less person. After finding out about Jane, he never tried to manipulate her to do anything. He was always a pillar she could lean on. He never seemed like a self-centred person to me, he was real mature and never shy-ed away from his responsibilities. He stuck by his side, when no one trusted him. He was a very strong and resembles a lot with Justin Baldoni in real life not that I know him but still.

I loved Jane. She is a character you will learn a lot from. No matter what the situation – she believes in saying the truth no matter how hard it is. She is the goody goody protagonist but she will not make you cringe, she has guilty pleasures too. She is a wonderful daughter and friend – I would love to have her as a friend of mine in real life.

Alba Villanueva: She is the moral police of Jane’s life and she is the one Jane looks up to no matter what. She is an essential part of the story as she is the one who practically raised Jane. Jane’s mom (Xiomara) was only 16 when she was pregnant so, yes, that is where Alba comes into picture. She is a real sweetheart and has a sass which has no comparison. I absolutely loved her role.

Xiomara Villanueva: She is the cool mom who always enjoys herself no matter what the situation is. I loved her and Jane’s bond. It was one of a kind and Jane was always grateful that she could lean on Xiomara anytime she wanted to. Xiomara even though has a party-pants was always too protective and caring for Jane. She always reminded Jane how smart she was and how she was supposed to be the wise one among-st the two of them.

The Villanueva women’s were goals!

I adore Michael, yes, I do adore him for always being a sweetheart and never being pushy and giving people space. He is a do-gooder and he deserves so much love. And, I loved what happened with him in the end.

There are a lot of characters I would definitely love to talk about but talking about anything else will make me spill out all the secrets of the show. So, I am just saying that – go watch the show. May be I will post another blog on those characters.

Quotes from the show that I loved:

  • “I don’t love you because you’re incredibly sexy. I love you because you’re my best friend, and I want to grow old with you. And right now, I am confused about every single thing in my life, except you.”
  • “Life is full of tough moments. You have to fight for what you want.”
  • “Well, honey, you can’t compromise who you are.”
  • “You asked me if I’ll be able to let go, and I said yes. And I will. But it’s going to be hard because it means letting go of something pretty big: the possibility of us. Which has been there for me, in the back of my mind, for a long time.”
  • “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.”

If you loved Schitt’s Creek / FRIENDS; you will definitely love this one.

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