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A discussion with Elizabeth Seibert (the author of The Bro Code)

They say “There is a first time for everything!” True, but knowing your first time and wasting the opportunity is utterly wrong – do not worry, this is part of the blog is all about me and a definitely related to the topic!

So, I had a dm on my Instagram page after the release of The Bro Code written by Elizabeth Seibert, and someone asked me if I would like to interview the author! I was so excited and I immediately said yes. It was my first time – I jotted down questions and there was a whole thing I planned for the post. I was new to the platform called Bookstagram and I did not know the first thing about blogging. Well, I am not a pro now but better than before is all I can say as of now. I kept hearing how Elizabeth used to write stories on Wattpad and how she is now a successful published author – and I felt so happy that I had the opportunity to work with her. Amazing as it sounds, it was quite overwhelming for an anxious individual like me! Nevertheless, I emailed her the questions and I got an response after a week exactly like it was planned.

The problem was – I was scared. I did not know how to post, where to post, how to write and what do I write. I am an anxious person and an overthinker – trust me that is the last thing you will need.

Since March I had been planning on posting the interview here to you guys so you know her a little better, and I finally have the write up ready. Yeah, basically I wrote and shared my first experience – and that was the plan altogether.

And, now without any further a-do let me get you through the questions I asked her and her amazing replies.

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually did want to be an author 😊 I started writing stories when I was seven (about a little puppy who saves the world) and wanted to grow up to continue writing.

  • Who did you look up to? Or, who is your role model?

I really admire both of my parents for their incredible patience and commitment to social justice. Others I consider my role models are Malala Yousafzai, the entire cast of Queer Eye, and Maya Angelou. I admire their activism efforts and ability to always stay classy.

  • When did you realise you wanted to be writer?

I always knew I loved writing, but I didn’t decide to fully commit to being a writer until a few years ago when I started my graduate creative writing program. I want to write across media including novels, screenplays, and articles and am trying to learn as much as I can about how the pros do each of those.

  • What books are you Currently Reading? What are your favourite genres of books?

Right now I’m reading They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman. I read many different genres (I love diversifying what stories I’m consuming) but I tend to gravitate towards young adult novels. I especially love reading thrillers and romantic suspense!

  • Which character from the entire Fictional World would you like to date?

HAHA amazing question. I currently have a crush on Bastian from The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh. It’s the only story I’ve read where I kind of got the whole vampire attraction thing. Would recommend.

(taken from Google)
  • Which is your Favorite scene is Bro Code?

I love the bonfire scene in chapter 6. It’s when Nick and Eliza start to realize they have feelings for each other, and it’s also this fun beach party that is right at the end of summer and the cusp of fall, which makes it that more romantic.

  • What advice do you wish to give your Younger self?

I would tell her to trust her gut more, it turned out to be mostly right.

  • Do you feel intimidated by your fellow writers?
  • What is your idea of an Ideal day?

Sometimes! I’ve found that writers are extremely easy to befriend, however. We’ve all seemed to have spent most of our lives in our little worlds, and it’s still amazing to meet someone new who shares a piece of that world and speaks in the same language.

I generally am only intimidated by writers who want to give me feedback, which is always scary, but I’m learning not to take criticism (positive or negative) personally 😊.

  • Do you remember your very first read when you were a child?

The first story I fell in love with was Madeline and the Madeline book series by Ludwig Bemelmans. I’m told I memorized the books when I was two (before I could read, technically) and would recite them on car trips. Lovely stories.

  • Where would you love to go on a Vacation?

Before the pandemic I really wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands to see the unique nature there. Now, since I’m relegated to the United States, I love day hiking trips to the white mountains in New Hampshire. 

  • The Characters of Bro Code are inspired from?

They are based off the stereotypical idea of a “bro,” and then developed to be personable. Some inspiration is from my high school and college classmates, as well as some of the dialogue!

  • What are the must haves in your purse when you are stepping out of your home?

I actually am not a big purse fan, I’ve left my bags behind in cafes and libraries too many times, so I try to use my pockets instead. I do always try to carry an extra hair elastic though. 

Sleep in (I am not a morning person at all), then have some waffles and coffee, go on a quick hike, come back and write, then see my friends for dinner and play games in the evening 😊.

  • Do you have any message for your readers?

Thank you so much for reading my stories! You inspire me to keep writing stories and to try and make my writing better and better. I hope you’ll stick around for my next projects, I live to impress you 😊.

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