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How not to marry a Billionaire by Ashlee Mallory | Book Review

Genre: Humour/ Women’s fiction/ Romance/ Contemporary |Written by: Ashlee Mallory | e-ARC provided by Victory Editing Netgalley Co-op

 My Rating: 4 stars.

Thank you so much Netgalley, Victory Editing Co-op and Ashlee Mallory for sending me the e-arc for this beautiful novel!

One minute I’m a promising law grad with grand ideas of changing people’s lives, the next I’m persona non grata thanks to a tiny little incident where I may or may not have stabbed my boss.

Now I’m unemployable, broke, and almost desperate enough to move back home with my parents. This was rock bottom.

Until it hit me in the very annoying but not wrong advice of my mother.

It’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m on a Hail Mary mission to an exclusive resort in Hawaii to finally find…the one.

A billionaire one, that is.

But when a sinfully sexy bartender takes it into his head that maybe he’s the one, things start to get complicated. I’ll have to decide whether mother really does know best or if it was time to finally trust my heart…

Main Characters: Jane Carmichael, Holly: Jane’s Current Room-mate, Colin: British Billionaire, Mike: Hot Bartender at Hawaii, Penny: Jane’s Childhood friend.

I am huge fan of contemporary setting Rom-coms. I was so excited when the ARC hit my Netgalley Shelf. I was in a reading slump when I started reading this one, but let me tell you this was the book that dragged me right out of the black hole. I am so thankful for that.

I loved how wholesome the story was. It started with a rough note where the protagonist was all sad and broke in her life. I loved the way Holly tried to knock some sense into her when Jane receives this insane piece of advice from her mother. I loved how Holly always decided to support Jane no matter what. I mean that is exactly what friends are for. No matter how crazy and spontaneous Jane was, Holly was exactly the opposite she thought twice before doing anything. I loved their bonding throughout the story.

In Hawaii, Jane meets Penny, her childhood best friend and then the three ladies crash at Penny’s place for the entire vacation trip. Penny who was working at the hotel is more than happy to have the two ladies with her. Enters Mike – a cool sexy bartender who tries to flirt with Jane. Jane is almost amazed by the impact Mike has on her. Even though there is a spark between them Jane hesitates and sticks to her plan of marrying a billionaire as suggested by her mom. Enters Collin who is a British and is the potential love interest of Jane. As the story proceeds you see a huge character growth for Jane and the fact that she comes back to her senses after a little encounter with a mystery woman. I won’t reveal anything more as it might feel like a spoiler.

I would like to point out that even though this was a rom-com, it had its own suspense. I mean what good is a story without a hint of mystery! Right? I was shocked the way Jane found out about the whole thing (if you know what I mean – send help). So, having read the story I am famished to know what happens after that, something like a sequel, please?

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