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How I got over my reading slump!

I have been reading constantly for a year now, without a slump and I was so grateful for that. But 15 days ago, my mind space got really cluttered because of my Online Class schedules and I landed right at the rock bottom – reading slump!

I am writing a bit about my experience. You might expect these posts whenever I am in slump – because every time my techniques are different to get over it. The same routine just does not work. Do you relate? Let me know in the comments below what are your ways to get over a reading slump.

It is a fact that we go into a slump / block of any kind when our mind is messed up because of any issues in our society or family or life. It feels like we have a lot on our plate and we feel obligated to declutter our mind. But for me, sometimes it is self-induced as well. Like I do not want to escape into a fictional world because I feel that once I read those books, it will get over and I do not know if I will ever have that kind of spectacular world to escape to in the other books I will read. Have you been there? No? Just me? Alright!

Since, I am experiencing a little of both – here is what I did:

  • I was reading a lot of Fantasy books, so, I tried to clear my reading palette. I tried reading a fun rom-com and combined it with a thriller book and I was feeling refreshed. It is really important to clean your reading palette after reading two books of same genre otherwise that reading itch gets washed out.
  • Changing / switching the mode of reading. If you are reading a lot of physical books then you can try an ebook or audiobook for a change and it will help you a lot. I am not a fan of ebooks at all. But, I am getting the hang of it and I am really enjoying that. So, I will come up with another blog about how I started my journey of reading ebooks in my upcoming blogs keep an eye out for that.
  • Try watching some book to movie / series adaptations and it will make you want to re-read the books or similar stories and that is one of the biggest motivators out there.
  • And, last but not the least, you can really take a break if you feel it is way too much for you to handle and relax for a week or two or a month if you wish to. It helps refresh our mind and you will feel the zeal to read again.

These are something I followed, but I will be more than happy to know your tips and tricks do let me know.

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