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A heart to heart with Lela Grayce | Author Interview

Hello Everyone!

I am glad I got to do an Interview with Lela Grayce, the author of The Dragon Mafia Chronicles. I was really happy to be a part of the Book Tour organised for Ashes of Flame (click to add on goodreads) which is Book 2 in the series. This book will be released on July 31, 2021.

This Interview was the part of RBN(Raven’s Bookish Network) Book Tours, do check them out on Instagram to sign up for upcoming Book Tours!

Q: How did you decide to write about dragons? Which are your other favourite mythical creatures?
A: I love dragons so, naturally, I wanted to write about them but instead of them being the good misunderstood ones I made, the majority of them, the bad guys. My other fav mythological creatures would be Kelpies which I’ve also written about.

Q: Who is your favourite character in the book?
A: Nik!

Q: How many times did you cancel your drafts before coming up with the perfect ending for book 2?
A: I lightly outline my books so I knew where it was heading just not the details of it.

Q: When did you decide the title of the first book – did it click all of a sudden or did you come up with it after you finished the book?
A: I always title my books before I write them. Ashes of Blood was a no-brainer given the MC unique ability. The rest have a special meaning too.

Q: Which character from your books you would like to date?
A: Romantically? Kreed. To go on a fun date as friends then Brutus.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration to write your book?
A: It all started out as an idea my co-author and I came up with but the world really developed for me so we scratch the idea for it being our co-write and went with vampire pirates instead. But Nik remained with me a hilarious, awkward, eventual badass.

Q: Is there any book series you would love to reread again and you would recommend your readers?
A: The beginners guide to necromancy by Hailey Edwards! Talk about a roller coaster!

Q: Which is your favourite scene from Ashes of flame?
A: Probably the part where Nik is kidnapped and her captors forget to put a gag in her mouth which is a green light for her to talk about anything and everything. Haha. It’s hilarious.

Here is the Synopsis of Ashes of Flame:

(This might have spoilers for the first book: Ashes of Blood)

Abducted by Lazateth, Nik awakes to find herself in a concrete cell with no memories. Thankfully, she’s not alone. Royce, a doctor with kind eyes and a caring demeanor, was ripped from his own life and forced to care for her. Working together, the two escape the torturous compound. Memories violently returning, the bond she shares with Kreed snaps back into place stronger and deeper than before. Terrified by their connection, Nik knows without a shadow of a doubt he is coming for her.
Her only hope of reclaiming her fire is to travel to Ska’Moira, the world of dragons, and learn more about that long hidden part of herself. What she finds there will challenge everything she thought she knew. As darkness closes in from all sides, can Nik reclaim her flame and wield it to defeat Lazateth? Or will she be the tool he uses to ascend to unimaginable power?

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