Queen comes to Power by C.C. Peñaranda || Happy Release Day

Book Synopsis:

When courts collide, blood may be spilled. But when destinies collide, blood may hold power.


In this epic second instalment of the Heir Comes to Rise series, Faythe’s trials continue as she adjusts to life among the fae who surround her now and grapples with morality to keep herself and her friends safe. 
As the kingdoms prepare to unite, alliances are shaken while new ones are forming, and Faythe may find herself on the side where danger meets desire in a force that could break past the guard on her heart.
It seems everyone will receive more than they bargained for. A history that haunts, truths that destroy, and a tangled destiny they didn’t expect. 

A Queen Comes to Power is a thrilling sequel bringing new characters, higher stakes, and uncertain fates.

This thrilling sequel brings new characters, higher stakes, and uncertain fates.

Out now from Lumarias Press!

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