The Crossing Gate by Asiel R. Lavie

Today I’m excited to participate in the Creative Blog Tour for The Crossing Gate by Asiel R. Lavie hosted by MTMC Tours.The first in an epic series that combines the tropes of classic YA dystopia with a Greek-inspired setting and fantasy elements that will whisk readers away on a journey like no other. Out on January 4th, 2022.

Title: The Crossing Gate
Series: A Waltz of Sin and Fire #1

Author: Asiel R. Lavie
Publisher: Absolute Author Publishing House

Publication Date: January 4th, 2022
Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

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She can’t grow up. Literally. 

In the kingdom of Elpax, juveniles must walk through the mysterious Crossing Gate to become adults—and seventeen-year-old Lenora is determined that her third attempt at crossing to adulthood will be successful. Even though adulthood means facing horrible realities, such as sin-spots appearing on her body whenever she commits a sin, it also means being able to have a job. And Lenora needs to work to support her struggling family.

But Lenora’s Crossing Day goes horribly wrong.

Accused of trying to start a revolution, Lenora must obey the kingdom’s laws to the letter if she wants to take suspicion off herself. But following the rules isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially when she meets a mysterious and handsome stranger who makes her feel emotions she’s never experienced before—even though juveniles in Elpax aren’t supposed to be capable of falling in love.

With the long arm of the law looming over her and her family, Lenora must walk a tightrope between following the rules and investigating why she’s unable to cross. Not to mention discovering where her new adult emotions are coming from. But as Lenora uncovers more of Elpax’s terrible secrets, she realizes that fighting the system might be the only way to save her family, her country, and her first love.

The first in an epic series perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, The Crossing Gate combines the tropes of classic YA dystopia with a Greek-inspired setting and fantasy elements that will whisk readers away on a journey like no other.

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Trigger Warnings

Sexual abuse, Starvation, Death, Murder, Blood, Bodies/Corpses, Violence, suicidal thoughts, Slavery, Physical/Verbal, Abuse

My Thoughts

I am absolutely honored to be a part of this tour. I was immediately drawn towards the cover for The Crossing Gate. The synopsis gave me the Divergent vibes! I mean a gate you have to cross to become and adult and everything! Also, to prove me right, this book turned out to have a Sci-fi angel even though the cover seems magical!

I absolutely feel Lenora’s thoughts about how she wishes to be an adult and take care of her fam. But, I do not like adulting. Sorry for digressing of the topic. Hahahaha. I am loving the tension in the book. I am enjoying it so much, and I will post my review soon. Keep an eye out! 🙂

About Asiel R. Lavie:

Asiel R. Lavie is the author of THE CROSSING GATE. She holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, but writing stories was her passion since childhood. She’s a book reviewer, a World Story Book contributor, co-admin, and an official Arabic translator for The World Story Book Young Adult Edition; a project was created by the Canadian Author Edge O. Erne.

When she’s not reading or writing, you might find her either in the garden playing with her kid or watching movies.

Website | Instagram | Twitter

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