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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

This was my first ever Christina Lauren. I have had my eyes and mind on her books since two years now… needless to say I am a rom-com fan. I was quite excited to read this book and I would say that this book exceeded my expectations after 50%.

This rom-com started with a very cliched note just like every grumpy sunshine trope. I felt a little bored 20-30% down the lane. The book felt a bit slowed and was becoming predictable and to be honest I was losing interest. Probably why I took a bit longer to finish this book than I had planned.

The book revolves around four people, Ethan, Dane, Ami and Olive. Ami and Olive are twins who are polar opposite of each other in personality. Ami comes with a flare of positivity like she can win this world and Olive is just a clumsy normal girl who outs all her energy to keep it all together. I resonate with Olive a bit too much I guess. 😀 Dane and Ethan are brothers. Dane and Ami are getting married and that is where the story begins.

I loved the slow burn between Ethan and Olive – even though it was so slow at the beginning that I had my doubts that it will ever turn into a romance. lol. anyway the pace picked up after 30% and I saw so many plot twists which is quite rare in rom-coms. It had me hooked till the very end.

One thing I will say for sure that Christina Lauren sure knows how to hold your attention.

I did not enjoy Ethan so much, because my moral compass did not match with his for a major chunk of time. But, I did connect with Olive and I cried for her, felt happy for her, laughed for her and felt proud for her. There were times, I rolled with laughter reading some scenes. I loved the name calling – Ezra, Oliver, Olivia, Elizah etc. Ethan and Olive were cute with each other. And, I

It was overall a great book, I had a great time with it and if you are a romcom lover – you should definitely read it.

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