Book Reviews

Reigns of Utopia by Elsie Swain

Thank you Elsie Swain for the review copy.

I have been avoiding the sci-fi genre as a whole, because I feel I am under qualified to read and understand them even though I love Marvel movies and X-men. Anyway, moving on… I was asked by Elsie to read this book in exchange for an honest review. So here we go. Also, I won’t write much about the story, because I feel that I might end up giving a spoiler.

I absolutely loved the world building, the book is slow at times and very detailed to make you understand what is exactly happening to make your imaginations clear. I loved how the author did her research and made sure that there ain’t any loop holes in the world building. I had a lil crazy time figuring out the timeline once or twice, but that might just have been me.

I enjoyed the witty banters and the young adult supernatural powers and the representations. I am in awe how the author never missed a chance to include as much diversity as she could and did justice to all of them.

Set in the future year 2155 with humans and anthromorphs, this book will drag you in a roller coaster rides of wars, thirst for power and downfall of evils. The relationships between the characters warmed my heart and made me feel so connected to the story.

If you love sci-fi books, do give this a chance to rock your world.

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