My Review Policy

Thank you so much for visiting my blog page. My reviews are based on my experience while reading the book and are honest opinion. Every review is rated on a scale of 1-5 stars.

I try to write a review for every book I read. My reviews are basically my thoughts and emotions rather than literary critiques. If I disliked some part of the book / did not enjoy the book this will be stated in the review. However, I do not prefer to write negative things about the author or their style writing. I avoid writing reviews for any book which I DNF.

My reviews include: The blurb of the book, my thoughts on the plot, and quotes I loved from the book.

Please read below, if you wish to have your book featured on my social media pages.

All my reviews are published on my Blog Page, Instagram account, Goodreads account and also be featured on my Twitter account.

I review Fantasy novels, Rom-Coms, and Thrillers. I do not prefer reading Dark Novels. Physical Copies are preferred if requesting a feature on Instagram.

My rating scale:

5 Stars: Amazing book, had an Awesome factor. Blown away by the plot and characters. Definitely Recommend it to other readers and going to re-read in near future.

4 Stars: Great Book, had a good experience, will recommend others.

3 Stars: It was a okay book and I will recommend it to a certain people who are looking for that particular genre.

2 Stars: Disappointing Read, absolutely not impressed.

1 Star: DNF-ed the book.

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Thank you so much for sparing your valuable time. ❤